Work History

Chapman Consulting Ltd (CCL)

Principal/Director [ Jan 2016 – Ongoing]

  • To provide a range of Client Project Management, Construction Project Management, Organisational Development Management, Client advisory and Client advocacy services to the wide range of, property, manufacturing, process and construction industries clients throughout New Zealand, Australia and Asia.
  • To successfully re introduce the Service capability and business profile of Chapman Consulting Ltd back into the Auckland market place.

Miyamoto International New Zealand Ltd (MINZ)

Director/Regional Manager [ Nov 2013 – Dec 2015]

  • Develop a profitable and sustainable Seismic Engineering and project management business presence in the upper North Island (initially Auckland / Waikato)
  • Develop and deliver state of the art international seismic upgrade and earthquake remediation design solutions to selected clients and organisations, utilising the MINZ and Miyamoto International capability
  • Provide client project management services to selected national clients on a regional basis
  • Provide design management services to selected clients on a regional basis
  • Provide construction management services and construction advisory services to selected clients on a regional basis
  •  Promote and develop the MINZ total solutions capability within the upper North Island region
  • Successfully introduced the Miyamoto Design philosophy into the Auckland market place
  • Successfully completed several Client project management roles in the Auckland market place

Chapman Consulting Ltd (CCL)

Principal/Director [ Oct 2012– Oct 2013]

  • Providing a range of Client Project Management, Construction Project Management, Organisational Development Management, Client advisory and Client advocacy services to the wide range of, property, manufacturing,and processand construction industries clients throughout New Zealand, Australia and Asia.
  • Successfully completed several Client Project Management roles in the Auckland market place.

Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited

National Business Development Manager [ Sept 2008 – Oct 2012]

  • Developed and maintained professional relationships based on respect and trust with new and existing clients and identifying  new business opportunities where Mainzeal could bring Value and Certainty for its Clients on their projects and improve their business metrics
  • To understand the business case needs of each Client and develop innovative Design and Construction (D&C) solutions and strategies that deliver optimum outcomes
  • Established  and maintained a national Client Relationship Management (CRM) programme
  • Identify, tack and constantly gather intelligence on all potential new business opportunities, select and create a pipeline of winnable ‘Target Projects’ nationally  to achieve  acceptable  commercial results on a consistent basis
  • Team leader and D & C joint venture as Mainzeal’s representative in the pitch to win the right to bid the Wiri Prison PPP Project
  •  Joint  D & C Project Director and Bid Leader on  the Wiri Prison PPP Tender (value ($350m)
  • Appointed Bid Leader on several major projects in excess of $75 m
  • Improved communications and relationships with both Government and Private sector clients and Mainzeal’s ability to win target projects
  • Assisted with the rebranding of Mainzeal and its vision nationally of being our ‘Clients Construction Business Partner’
  • Delivered outstanding market intelligence on new Business opportunities and sourced a pipeline of key projects for the regions
  • Successfully lead and Major Bids as Bid Manager Instrumental in leading the first PPP bid in  a Joint D & C Project director role

Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited

Acting General Manager of King Facade (NZ) Ltd
[ May 2009 – Sept 2008 ]

  • Established a commercially viable New Zealand Building Façade Business in partnership with a major China based Façade Design and Manufacturing Company
  • Optimised the expertise of the China Façade Partner to bring a new value added proposition to Mainzeal
  • Developed and implemented simple and effective management systems and processes that ensured a commercially viable low risk business could operate within the governance requirements of each parent organisation
  • Develop systems, proactively manage the design development process for tailored Façade solutions that meet specified requirements
  • Established King Façade (NZ) Ltd as an alternative provider of Façade solutions into New Zealand
  • Won the  first major project for King Façade (NZ) Ltd
  • Identified where real attention to detail was necessary in the relationship management of the stakeholder parties particularly when dealing with diverse cultures
  • Developed and implemented simple and effective tendering, risk management, commercial and operational processes to support the growth of the King Façade business unit

Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited

National Manager Major Special Projects [ June 2000 – Sept 2008 ]

  • Identified and secured major Project opportunities in excess of $50m+ in the Social and Industrial infrastructure sectors
  • Converted and delivered key major projects within commercially acceptable terms through specialist teams
  • Develop, maintain and enhance ongoing business relationships with all clients
  • Procured and managed an annual turnover in excess of $150m pa for the Major Special Projects division
  • Construction Advisor to the parent company in China on the development of industrial and hotel projects in key parts of central and southern China
  •  Client Project Manager /Client Representative for Commercial and Industrial Developments in China
  • Sourced, lead the bid, negotiated, secured and delivered a $132m Greenfield Design and Build Laminated Veneer Lumber manufacturing Plant facility (including the plant installation) in Northland
  • Sourced, lead the bid, negotiated, secured and delivered the $95m Northland Region Corrections Facility (NRCF) in a tough economic climate under a collaborative working arrangement (Alliance), where a shortage of trade resources resulted in a Trade training and employment initiative being established to overcome these shortages
  • Acted as the Clients’ Representative on a major industrial development in Shanghai China
  • Lead the Project Executive Group and wider Integrated Project Management Team as the Manager, reporting directly to Principals Group (being the 3 CEO’s represented by the stakeholders in the CWA)
  • Lead and motivated an onsite Project Team of Designers, Project Management personnel and a subcontractor supply chain / workforce in excess of 1000 personnel in a somewhat remote part of Northland
  • Successfully negotiated and delivered the D&C of the Auckland Prison at Risk Health Unit (APARHU) ($5m) project concurrently with the NRCF Project within the same contract terms as a variation
  • Coached the Mainzeal team to successfully win and deliver the $256m Springhill Corrections Facility Project (SHCF) under a Collaborative Working Arrangement framework
  • Acted as Project Principal Alternate on the Springhill Corrections facility Project (SHCF) and successfully negotiated the commercial terms and risk profile acceptable to Mainzeal

Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited

Construction Division Manager (Auckland) [ June 1997 – Sept 2000 ]

  • Accountable for all Construction Division activities in the Northland and Auckland Regions ranging from New business development, marketing, winning and delivering of construction projects including all personnel health, safety and quality requirements
  • Commercial returns commensurate with an acceptable level of risk
  • Bid won and delivered Iconic projects over a $20m value such as:
    – North Harbour Stadium
    – Auckland and heritage Grand Hotels
    – ASB C Drive Albany & Massey University Study centre Albany
    – Eden Park North Stand
    – Otahuhu Combined Cycle
    – Transfield Shipbuilding Facility, Whangarei
    – Botany Town Centre
    – Power Station Contract B, Southdown Co-Generation Power Project
    – LVL Manufacturing Plant Marsden Point
    – City life Apartments Heritage
    – AUT Hotel and Restaurant Studies building and the Science and Technology building
    – ADHD Path Lab and mortuary ADHB Car park
    – Mt Eden Remand Prison
    and numerous smaller projects ranging from apartment buildings, schools and wide rise industrial complexes up to $20m
  • Won and delivered a range of multi-million dollar construction projects across a wide range of industry sectors that resulted in solid profits, defect free outcomes with very low accident statistics while maintaining a high brand recognition for Mainzeal and sustained business relationships

Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited

Construction Operations Manager (Auckland/Northland)
[ Feb 1993 – May 1997 ]

  • Accountable to the Area Manager for all Construction Operations in the Northern Region with an annual T/O budget ranging from an initial $150m – $450m p.a
  • In conjunction with the QA Manager was responsible for the creation, development, introduction and maintenance of the field based Quality Management and Quality Control systems in order to achieve defect free outcomes on our Construction sites
  • Transition the Health and Safety culture on projects, from a prescriptive, reactive and somewhat ineffective health and safety system to an autocratic administration function that creates a safety awareness campaign by eliminating and minimising potential accidents
  • Provide innovative and winning project methodologies to improve commercial outcomes with reduced project risks taken
  • Reinvent the Auckland and Northland Construction Operations by growing the presence of Mainzeal
  • Be an attraction to our clients and win new projects of significance in selected market sectors as a leader and role model
  • Developed and lead a passionate team of Construction Project Managers/Design Managers, Sector Team Leaders and Field Staff
  • Built a Health and Safety culture and Quality Management control systems that delivered defect free outcomes
  • Won and delivered projects where commercial outcomes and profits were improved and client’s expectations were exceeded
  • Grew the capability of Mainzeal in Auckland and Northland regions to become a market leader in the Design and Build /GMP market
  • Generated new business opportunities and annually increased turn over and profits through the correct delivery of all projects.


  • Boat owner and keen fisherman
  • Engaging socially with our blended family and grandchildren
  • Audiophile
  • Classic car enthusiast
  • Fine food Connoisseur
  • Gardener
  • Motor sport
  • Golf
  • Sailing
  • International Travel


Savills (NZ) Ltd

Doug Osborne
09 951 5910
021 852 698

NZ Institute Of Building

Bruce Connor
09 623 1286

Tipping Point Consultants Ltd

021 305 830

Airdale Property Trust CEO

Bruce Stone
027 202 0138

Previous Positions [ 1968 – 1993 ]



Summary of Construction Management Roles

1989 – 1993 Contracts Manager
  • Kiwi Dairies Ltd Milk Powder Towers No 3, 4 &5 T Hawera ($20m)
  • Whey Protein Concentrate Project Hawera ($5m)
  • New Plymouth Aquatic Centre ($7m)
  • NZ Police Head Quarters Wellington ($26m)
  • WellingtonTown Hall Redevelopment ($16m)
1988 – 1989 Project Services Manager
  • Established ‘Mainworks’ a small works Business Unit. T/O ($5m)
  • Integration Manager Leyland RDC Developments ($100m)
1987 – 1988 Senior Design Manager
  • Majestic Towers Wellington ($73m)
1987 – 1988 Construction Services Manager
  • Developed the Mainzeal 30/60/90 Design Management Systems
  • Development of CPM of Project Planning and Programming
  • Established Plant and Equipment Management Systems
1985 – 1987 Contracts Manager
  • Harbour and City Towers Mainzeal Development D & B ($65m)
1978 – 1985 Project Manager
  • NZ Police College Porirua Projects ($60m over 3 years)
  • Hewlett Packard HQ ($30m)
  • 132 The Terrace ($25m)
  • Office Park Johnsonville Fletcher Mainzeal JV  ($20m)
  • Keith Spry Pool Johnsonville ($10m)
  • SouthwardTrustMuseum ($10m)
  • Housing Corp Lower Hutt ($6m)
1978 Planner Programmer Mainzeal Property and Construction Ltd. Wellington Office
1978 – 1977 Construction Planner Cubitts (NZ) Ltd
1974 – 1977 Planning Engineer Farrow Construction Ltd London
1973 – 1974 Construction Technical Officer / Site Engineer Civil and Civic Pty Ltd. (NZ) Wellington PSIS and BNZ Projects
1970 – 1973 Structural Draughtsman Ministry of WorksBridge Design Office Wellington
1969 – 1970 Engineering Cadet Ministry of Works Residency Westport
1968 – 1969 Engineering Cadet Ministry of Works Wellington